drew and kate

drew and kate

Monday, March 24, 2014

Disney World 2014

 We made it to Florida..

 With super tired kids! 

We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Hotel. It is African Savanna themed, and there were all kinds of amazing animals just outside our hotel windows. Our favorites were the giraffes. 

Animal Kingdom 

This squirrel was faaaar too friendly. It totally freaked me out! 

Being silly with Tay at lunch! He was in HEAVEN to be with Taylor all week! 

Animal Kingdom African Safari Ride 

Kate loved it.. ! :) 

 Say no to crack. 

Epcot! We walked around all the different countries, and had dinner in Italy that evening! 

...and gelato while watching the firework show! yum! 

Magic Kingdom. Take me back, please!!! 

Out of all the characters, Buzz was the one Andrew REALLY wanted to see. I was so glad we ran into him! Pretty much the coolest dude, ever. 

Kate loved Andrews Pluto. Andrew wasn't too thrilled to share, so we had to be sneaky about it! 

Ok.. this was my favorite part of the trip. The new Be our Guest restaurant is a MUST SEE when at the Magic Kingdom. I had heard from multiple people, to get a reservation. Well, back in January when we decided to go, I called and the restaurant was booked completely full until August. I called back multiple times to see if we could somehow get in, and people told me there was no way of getting in. And also, that most people never cancel their reservations, just because you have to pay in order to reserve a table.

Well, knowing that we wouldn't be able to eat there, I still wanted to walk past the new castle and check it out. As we walked past the restaurant, I thought, "what the heck. Lets just see if they can get us in." And they DID! We also sat in the main dining room which was beautiful. It was so, so, much fun. We will definitely do this again when we go back!

Amazing, right?! 

It's hard to see, but outside the window, it was snowing ;) 

sooo delish! This was our favorite meal we had during the trip. 

..these were also amazing! 

Andrew meeting "The Master" as everyone would call him at the castle haha 
(He was kinda scary. Very nonchalant.)

Good thing we brought a change of clothes..! 

Day at the pool at our hotel.

Hollywood Studios 

Hey there, good lookin! 

 We had so much fun, and cannot wait until we plan our next trip back! See you soon (ish) Disneyworld!